Triangle Taiko

Upcoming Performances


Previous Performances

11-29-2003 Thanks Giving Cerebration at Exploris

11-15-2003 Blair Creek Shoppin Center Grand Opening Ceremony

International Festival of Raleigh

10-26-2003 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic at the Wilson Park in Chapel Hill

10-18-2003 New Odaiko Party at Iwashima Odaiko Donated by Tsutomu Maruyama

10-18-2003 The Durham Farmers Market

10-09-2003 The principal of the year of Wake County at Exploris

10-3-2003 Olde Raleigh October Fest of Raleigh at the Olde Raleigh Pool

08-31-2003 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville Nihonjin Kai

08-30-2003 The first Recital (May-August Session) at Raleigh Dance Studio

First Timothy Lutheran Church Anniversary Celebration - Indianapolis, IN

08-16-2003 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh International Dinner

07-19-2003 World Dance and Rhythm at Exploris

07-11-2003 Exploris Childrenfs camp

07-06-2003 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh with Yuri Yamamoto(song)

05-24-2003 Animazement at Imperial Center Hotel at Page Rd.

IBM Diversity Awareness Three IBM sights (two RTP, one North Raleigh)

05-10-2003 Nippon Club 14th Annual Picnic at Apex Community Park

04-29-2003 Chapel Hill Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

04-09-2003 International Day at Durham Technical College

04-03-2003 Graham Memorial Hall at UNC Chapel Hill

02-25-2003 KODO demonstration at UNC Chapel Hill (UNC World Music Class Taiko Presentation: Eiichi Saitoh, Masami, Chie Otsuka)

host KODO Workshop with Eiichi Saito and Masami (KODO) at Duke Uni,

02-24-2003 Japan and the Two Koreas, NCSU at Mckimmon Center Perform for an Opening of "An evening of Martial Arts Demonstrations"
Guest: Eiichi Saito, Masami (KODO)

02-21-2003 Smith Academy of International School Charlotte, NC

02-01-2003 Performance gAsia nighth Asian Student Association at NCSU Student Center

01-10-2003 Performance at gKaede-kaih Fayettville Nihonjin kai