Triangle Taiko

Upcoming Performances


Previous Performances

12-31-2004 'First Night Raleigh (Acorn Drop)', Downtown Raleigh

12-20-2004 'Japan Day' at A.B. Combs Elementary School, Raleigh

11-12-2004 Outreach Program for UNC Wilmington at Minnie Evans Art Center

11-6-2004 &
International Festival of Raleigh

9-30-2004 Religion and the Arts of Asia at Meredith College

9-25-2004 Amazement Square's Cultural Festival - Lynchburg, VA

9-18-2004 World Music Festival THEA in Orange County
(THEA - The Home Education Association)

9-12-2004 Friendship Force Annual Banquet, Raleigh

8-29-2004 The 3rd Recital (May-August)

8-27-2004 A Festive Fundraising Evening at the Doris Duke Center

8-26-2004 Sayonara Ceremony at Exploris Middle School

8-21-2004 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville

7-30-2004 2004 Special Olympics North Carolina Leadership Conference, Raleigh Marriott

6-26-2004 Nippon Club Picnic at the North Carolina Japan Center

6-3-2004 International Night at Estes Hills Elementary School-Chapel Hill

5-29-2004 Animazement at Sheraton Imperial Hotel-RTP

5-26-2004 May Asian Commemorative at the Federal Bureau of Prisons complex in Butner NC

5-21-2004 (F) IBM Diversity Awareness at Raleigh

5-20-2004 Wiley Elementary School International Night

4-25-2004 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

4-23-2004 Millbrook Elementary School of Raleigh

4-18-2004 Concert of Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra at NC State University Stewart Theater

4-17-2004 International Festival of Greenville at Town Common

3-30-2004 Special Olympics Wake County coachesf wedding shower

3-30-2004 Belvoir Elementary School of Greenville 500 K-5 students collaborate with Koto and Shakuhachi players and singer

3-25-2004 Japanese culture Night at NCSU Womenfs Center with gcha-no-yuh

1-24-2004 North Carolina Teaching Asia Network Program at HS in Greenville

1-17-2004 The Second Recital (September-December) at Aiki kai dojo

1-4-2004 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh