Triangle Taiko

Upcoming Performances


Previous Performances

09-26-2010 Benefit Concert at Page Auditorium at Duke University at 2 pm.

09-05-2010 Benefit Concert at Fletcher Theater at Progress Energy Center.

08-15-2010 City of Raleigh Celebration at Fletcher Park

07-10-2010 Nippon Club Tanabata/Obon Festival at NC Japan Center, Raleigh

07-04-2010 City’s 4th of July Celebration, State Fair Ground, Raleigh

06-11-2010 South Eastern States Korean Conference, Raleigh

05-29-2010 Animazement at Convention Center, Raleigh

05-28-2010 Wiley International Language Magnet Elementary School, 3-5, Raleigh

04-18-2010 Historic Marker Unveiling for the Society Hill Depot, Society Hill, SC

04-11-2010 Japan Festival at Wake Forest University, Winston Salem

03-19-2010 Wiley International Studies Magnet Elementary School, grades K-2, Raleigh

02-22-2010 Cultural day at Smith International Academy, Charlotte

01-27-2010 Concert at OLL School, Raleigh

01-14-2010 International Festival at Johnson Street Global Studies, High Point