2003 & 2002

2003 Performances

11-29 Thanksgiving Cerebration at Exploris

11-15 Blair Creek Shopping Center Grand Opening Ceremony

11-08/09 International Festival of Raleigh

10-26 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic at the Wilson Park in Chapel Hill

10-18 New Odaiko Party at Iwashima Odaiko Donated by Tsutomu Maruyama

10-18 The Durham Farmers Market

10-09 The principal of the year of Wake County at Exploris

10-3 Olde Raleigh October Fest of Raleigh at the Olde Raleigh Pool

08-31 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville Nihonjin Kai

08-30 The first Recital (May-August Session) at Raleigh Dance Studio

08-23/24 First Timothy Lutheran Church Anniversary Celebration – Indianapolis, IN

08-16 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh International Dinner

07-19 World Dance and Rhythm at Exploris

07-11 Exploris Children’s camp

07-06 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh with Yuri Yamamoto (song)

05-24 Animazement at Imperial Center Hotel at Page Rd.

05-21/22 IBM Diversity Awareness Three IBM sights (two RTP, one North Raleigh)

05-10 Nippon Club 14th Annual Picnic at Apex Community Park

04-29 Chapel Hill Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

04-09 International Day at Durham Technical Community College

04-03 Graham Memorial Hall at UNC Chapel Hill

02-25 KODO demonstration at UNC Chapel Hill (UNC World Music Class Taiko Presentation: Eiichi Saitoh, Masami, Chie Otsuka)

02-25 & 26 host KODO Workshop with Eiichi Saito and Masami (KODO) at Duke Uni,

02-24 Japan and the Two Koreas, NCSU at Mckimmon Center Perform for an Opening of “An evening of Martial Arts Demonstrations” Guest: Eiichi Saito, Masami (KODO)

02-21 Smith Academy of International School Charlotte, NC

02-01 Performance Asia night Asian Student Association at NCSU Student Center

01-10 Performance at Nihonjinkai Kaede-kai, Fayettville, NC

2002 Performances

12-12 Performance at Fred A. Olds Elementary school in Raleigh with Chie Otsuka
——– On behalf of Fred A. Olds Elementary, I would like to once again express our thanks. Your group provided a great lesson in Japanese Arts that we would not be able to replicate. Your drums were beautiful and the performance was thrilling. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with usLacrecia Maultsby – Fred A. Olds Elementary Music Teacher/University Connections Magnet Team.——

11-08 & 9 & 10 International Festival of Raleigh

10-20 The second performance at Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinnkai at Wilson Park in Carborro

10-12 The first performance at the Nippon Club Picnic at Apex Community Park in Wake County.