2023 Performances

9-17-23 – Nippon Club’s Tanabata and Bon Odori Summer Gathering, Raleigh, NC

8-26-23 – NC State Packapalooza, Raleigh NC

8-12-23 – Queen City Anime Convention, Charlotte NC

7-27-2023 – Sister Cities International , Durham, NC

6-30-23 – Cary Art Loop: Final Friday, Cary NC

6-25-23 – Raleigh Summer Concert Series at Pullen Park, Raleigh NC

5-27-2023 – Animazement Workshop, Raleigh, NC

5-19-23 – Town of Leland Concert: Live @ The Center , Leland NC

5-7-2023 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Children’s Day, Raleigh, NC

5-6-2023 – ORRAL Riding Academy Workshop, Raleigh, NC

4-29-23 – Sterling Montessori International Festival, Morrisville NC

3-18-2023 – George Washington High school, Japan Day celebration – Danville, VA

3-9-23 – NC State Asian Music History – Raleigh, NC

1 -28 – 2023 – Chinese New Year Festival by Triangle Area Chinese American Society , Raleigh NC

1-22 – 2023 – Fo Guang Shan Temple Chinese New Year Celebration, Raleigh NC

2022 Performances

12-17 – 2022 -Nippon Club End of Year Mochitsuki, Raleigh NC

11- 30 – 2022- Atlanta Nobu Hotel Opening, Atlanta GA

11 – 19 – 2022 – CORRAL Riding Academy Workshop, Raleigh, NC

11 – 6 – 2022 -City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, NC

11 – 5 – 2022 – Wake Forest University Workshop & Performance – Winston-Salem, NC 

10 – 5 – 2022 -City of Raleigh Historic Resources and Museum Division Volunteer Banquet, Raleigh NC.

9 – 13 – 2022 -Durham Museum talk at Juju, Durham, NC

8 – 27 – 2022 – Triangle Taiko 20th Anniversary Concert, Raleigh NC

8 – 6 – 2022- Queen City Anime Convention, Charlotte, NC

6-17 – 2022 -Team Caserez Jiu Jitsu Grand Opening, Cary, NC

6-12 – 2022 -City of Raleigh Summer Concert Series, Pullen Park, Raleigh

5-28 -2022 – Animazement Workshop, Raleigh, NC

5-21 -2022 – Earth Spirit Taiko Joint Concert, “A Day of Drumming”, Asheboro, NC

5-15 – 2022 -Children’s Day Workshop, Raleigh, NC

5-6 – 2022 – Southwest Elementary International Night, Clemmons, NC

4-2 – 2022 – Sterling Montessori International Festival, Morrisville NC

3-19 – 2022 – George Washington High School, Danville VA

2021 Performances

11-20 – 2021 – Duke University Performance & Workshop, Durham NC

10-31- 2021 – Nihonjinkai Picnic, Chapel Hill, NC

9-17- 2021 – Peach Road Cultural Center Performance, Raleigh NC

8-21-2021, 8-22-2021 – Queen City Anime Convention Workshop, Charlotte NC

2020 Performances

1-26-2020 –  Chinese New Year at Fo Guang Shan Temple, Raleigh, NC

2019 Performances

12-14-2019 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Mochituski, Raleigh, NC

11-3- 2019  -City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, NC

10-12-2019 – Festival of Nations, Durham, NC

10-5-2019 – Waka’s Birthday Bash Performance, Carrboro, NC

10-5-2019 –  Race 13.1, Raleigh

09-29-2019 – Fayetteville Folks Arts Festival, Fayetteville, NC

09-28-2019 – Wedding performance, Raleigh, NC

08-23-2019 – Camp Friendly at Carolina Pines CC, Raleigh, NC

08-03-2019 – Nippon Club Summer Festival at NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC

07-07-2019 – City of Raleigh Summer Concert Series, Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC

06-15-2019 – Origami in the Park at Cape Fear Botanical Garden, Fayetteville, NC

06-01-2019 – Race 13.1, Raleigh, NC

05-25-2019 – Animazement workshop, Raleigh, NC

05- 10-2019 – International Festival at Wiley Magnet Elementary School, Raleigh, NC

05-04-19 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Children’s Day, Japan Center, Raleigh, NC

04-17-19 – NC State University Japan Club Taiko Workshop, Raleigh, NC

03-31-19 – Sakura Taiko Takeover in Washington, D.C.

03-14-19 – Multicultural Gala at Glenwood Elementary, Chapel Hill, NC

03-10-19 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Members Day, Matthews House, Cary, NC

01-26-19 – TACAS Chines New Years Festival, Raleigh, NC

01-29-19 – Shinnenkai (New Year’s Reception), Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

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2018 Performances

12-23-18 – Francis & Jospehine De Los Reyes 25th Wedding Anniversary, Durham, NC

12-15-18 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Mochituski, Raleigh, NC

12-12-18 – Global Day at Stough Elementary, Raleigh, NC

12-08-18 – Race 13.1, Durham, NC

11-15-18 – NC State University Taiko Workshop, Raleigh, NC

11-04-18 – City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, NC

10-28-18 – 33rd International Festival, Raleigh, NC

10-27-18 – 33rd International Festival, Raleigh, NC

10-20-18 –  Wedding Performance, Durham, NC

10-07-18 – (Special Taiko) – Triangle Buddy Walk, Clayton, NC

10-06-18 – Race 13.1, Raleigh, NC

09-22-18 – Dragon Boat Race at Coca Booth, Cary, NC

09-08-18 – (Special Taiko) – MDA Muscle Walk, Raleigh, NC

08-25-18 – NC State University Packapalooza, Raleigh, NC

08-04-18 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Summer Festival,  Raleigh, NC

07-01-18 – Summer Concert Series, Raleigh, NC

06-02-18 – Race 13.1, Raleigh, NC

05-06-18 – Nippon Club of the Triangle Children’s Day, Bond Park, Cary, NC

04-21-18 – Joint Taiko Concert with Earth Spirit Taiko in Asheboro, NC

04-18-18 – Japan Culture Presentation, Asheboro, NC

04-18-18 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Raleigh, NC

03-25-18 – National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC

03-22-18 – World View, Developing Global Educators, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

02-27-18 – Caterpillar Annual Summit, Cary, NC

01-20-18 – Shinnenkai (New Year’s Reception), Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

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2017 Performances

12-15-17 – Global Day at Stough Elementary, Raleigh

12-06-17 – Race 13.1 Durham Half-marathon performance, 600 W. Murray Ave., Durham

12-03-17 – Wake Forest University Taiko workshop, Wake Forest, NC

11-16-2017 – NCSU Men’s Basketball Halftime Performance, PNC Arena, Raleigh

11-12-2017 – Buddy Walk, Holly Spring

11-05-2017 – City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh

10-22-2017 – 32nd International Festival of Raleigh, Raleigh Convention Center

10-21-2017 – 32nd International Festival of Raleigh, Raleigh Convention Center

10-07-2017 – Race 13.1 – Fall, Crabtree AV., Raleigh, NC

09-24-17 – The Arts Council International Folk Festival, Fayetteville

09-16-17 – MDA Muscle Walk of Raleigh, Crowder Park, Apex

08-27-17 – International Festival Block Party, 400 Block Fayetteville St., Raleigh

08-19-17 – NCSU Packapalooza, Raleigh

07-29-17 – Nippon Club Summer Festival, Kerr-Scott Building, NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh

07-02-17 – Sunday in the Park: A Concert Series at Dix and Fletcher Parks by City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, Dorothea Dix Park Harvey Hill, Raleigh

06-03-17 – Race 13.1 – Spring, Crabtree AV., Raleigh, NC

05-31-17 – Fort Bragg, Cultural awareness

05-11-17 – Wiley Elementary School’s Annual International Carnival, Raleigh

04-26-17 – “Global Glamour: A Fair Trade Fashion Show”, Great Hall of Student Union, UNC, Chapel Hill

04-25-17 – Suntory ‘Toki’ whiskey launch party, Zen Greenville, Greenville, SC

04-02-17 – 2017 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Full & Half Marathon, Raleigh

03-19-17 – Nippon Club Member’s Day Picnic, Kiwanis Shelter, Bond Park, Cary

01-28-17 – 2017 TACAS Chinese New Year Festival, Dorton Arena, Raleigh

01-21-17 – Shinnen-Kai (New Years Celebration), Raleigh

01-14-17 – Recital, Five Point Centers for Active Adults, Raleigh

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2016 Performances

12-17-16 Year End Mochitsuki (Mochi pounding, もちつき), NCSU Japan Center, 1-3pm

12-03-16 – Holiday Express, Triangle Taiko and Special Taiko, Pullen Park, Raleigh, 5pm

11-06-16 – City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh

10-15-16 – 31st International Festival of Raleigh, Raleigh Convention Center, Main Stage, 5:15 PM

10-16-16 – 31st International Festival of Raleigh, Raleigh Convention Center, Main Stage, 4:30 PM

10-09-16 – Nihonjin-kai Picnic, Southern Park, Chapel Hill, NC

9-22-16 – Suntory Matsuri, Century Hotel, Durham, NC

08-20-16 – Packapalooza, NCSU, Raleigh

08-12-16 Workshop at the Carolina Pines Summer Camp, Raleigh

08-06-16 – Nippon Club Summer Festival, NC Japan Center, Raleigh, NC

07-30-16 – Tomiki Aikido National Award Banquet, Carolina Union Great Hall, Chapel Hill

07-28-16 – International Nippon Collectors Club Annual Conference, Embassy Suites Hotel, Cary

07-20-16 – Workshop with Summer Camp at Method Pilot Park, Raleigh

07-17-16 – Raleigh City Summer Concert Series, Fletcher Park, Raleigh

07-14-16 – Workshop with Summer Camp at Method Pilot Park, Raleigh

06-04-16 – Race 13.1, Raleigh

05-28-16 – Animazement workshop, Raleigh

04-30-16 – Nippon Club of the Triangle, Children’s Day ‘Kodomo-no-hi’, NCSU Japan Center, Raleigh

04-26-16 – Special Triangle Taiko performance, Arts Access Fundraiser, Raleigh

04-10-16 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Raleigh

04-09-16 – Live & Local: Earth Day 2016, Compiegne Park, Hillsborough St, Raleigh, 4-5pm and 6-7pm

04-03-16 – UNC Business School, Global Night, Carrboro Arts Center, Carrboro

03-29-16 – International Day, Meredith College, Carswell Concert Hall, Wainwright Music bldg., Raleigh

03-27-16 – Annual Asian Night at Talley Student Center, NCSU, Raleigh

03-22-16 – Taiko Workshop, Little Panda class, Durham

03-16-16 – Annual World Fair, North Chatham Elementary School, Chapel Hill

02-27-16 – International Festival, Franklin Academy High School, Wake Forest

02-24-16 – SEAHO 2016 Conference, Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh

02-14-16 – Chinese New Year Celebration, Fo Guang Shan Temple, Raleigh

01-17-16 – Nippon Club of the Triangle New Year’s Celebration, Shinnenkai, Duke Gardens

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2015 Performances

12-12-15 – Race 13.1, Northgate Mall, Durham, 8am – 11am

12-19-15 – Taiko Workshop at the Nippon Club of the Triangle Mochitsuki Festival, NCSU Japan Center, Raleigh, 12:30pm – 3pm

11-07-15 – Charlotte Ballet Soiree, Global Beat, Local Stage, Charlotte, NC

11-01-15 – Japanese Taiko Drumming Workshop at Wake Forest University

10-24-15 – 2015 Rex Gala, “The World Awaits”, Raleigh Convention Center

10-10-15 – 30th International Festival of Raleigh

09-19-15 – “Race 13.1” Fall, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K – Raleigh, NC

09-19-15 – 2015 Triangle Area Dragon Boat Festival, Koka Booth Amphitheatre

09-19-15 NCSU Performing Arts, Bell Tower, NC State LIVE

8-22-15 – NC State University, Packapalooza, Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

8-6-2015 – Workshop At Raleigh City Summer Camp at Carolina Pines Community Center, Raleigh

08-02-15 – with Special Taiko, Summer Concert Series, “Sister’s Day” at Fletcher Park, Raleigh

07-22-15 – Workshop with Camp Friendly at Carolina Pines Community Center, Raleigh

07-14-15 – Workshop at Raleigh City Summer Camp at Method Community Center, Raleigh

07-11-15 – with Special Taiko, Summer Festival, Tanabata/Obon, NC Japan Center, Raleigh

06-27-15 – “Sake Event” at Northridge Country Club, Raleigh

06-12-15 – Art After Dark by Fuquay-Varina Arts Council, Fuquay-Varina

06-06-15 – Race 13.1 Raleigh Spring Half Marathon, 10k & 5k

05-15-15 – “Fun in the Sun”, Root Elementary School, Raleigh

04-24-15 – Asian Night, NCSU Talley Ballroom, Raleigh

04-19-15 – with Special Taiko, Nippon Club Member’s Picnic at Bond Park, Cary

04-12-15 – 2015 – Raleigh Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

04-09-15 – Special Taiko, Contemporary Art Museum, downtown Raleigh, 6pm

03-14-15 – Stough Elementary School’s annual Global Carnival, Raleigh, NC, 3pm

02-28-15 – Cub Scout Pack 500 Blue and Gold Banquet, Wake Forest United Methodist Church, 6:30pm

01-29-15 – International Night, Holly Grove Elementary School, 7pm

01-18-15 – New Year’s Celebration, Shin-nen-kai, 新年会 at Sarah P Duke Gardens, 1 – 4p

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2014 Performances

12-13-14 – City of Raleigh’s Holiday Express at Pullen Park

10-26-14 – Nihonjinkai Picnic, Carrboro, NC

10-11-14 – Fuller GT Magnet Elementary School’s Fall Festival, Raleigh from 11-3pm

10-10-14 – Guilford Technical Community College – noon – 1pm

10-04-14 – City of Spartanburg International Festival, Spartanburg, SC

09-20-14 – 29th Annual International Festival of Raleigh at 5:25pm and 9:25pm

09-05-14 – Canstruction, First Friday, Raleigh from 7-7:30pm

08-23-14 – Packapalooza at NCSU, Raleigh

08-13-14 – Taiko Workshop for Special People, Marsh Creek Community Center, Raleigh

08-09-14 – Nippon Club’s Tanabata/Obon Summer Festival

07-29-14 City of Raleigh Summer Camp Carolina Pines, Raleigh

07-13-14 – Sunday Park Concert Series at Fletcher Park, Raleigh

06-24-14 – Taiko Workshop for Special People at Camp Friendly at Carolina Pines, Raleigh

06-21-14 – the Solstice Day, Fete De La Musique, Fayetteville St, Raleigh

05-09-14 – International Night at Wiley International Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh

05-04-14 – Nippon Club of the Triangle’s Annual Meeting and Member’s Appreciation Day at Bond Park, Cary from 4-7pm

04-24-14 – International Arts Festival at the Fletcher Academy, Raleigh

04-10-14 – Moore Square GT/AIG Basics Museums Magnet Middle School’s 2nd Annual Global Fair, “Amazing Asia”, Raleigh

04-07-14 – UNC-Greensboro, Heritage Celebrations, Greensboro

04-03-14 – Gregg Museum of Art & Design, Remnants of the Floating World: Japanese Art from the Permanent Collection, NCSU

03-30-14 – Triangle Taiko and Special Taiko’s Recital at Five Points Center for Active Adults, Raleigh

03-22-14 – Stough Elementary 30th Annual Global Carnival, Raleigh

03-14-2014 – Japan Day, at Waddle Academy, Charlotte

03-11-14 – Concert for K-12 at Baldwin Theatre, Duke University

02-26-14 – McDougle Elementary School’s Family Culture Night, Chapel Hill

02-21-14 – EK Powe Elementary School’s Annual Multicultural Night, Durham

01-23-14 – Riverbend Elementary School International Night, Raleigh, NC

01-19-14 – Japanese Shin-Nen-Kai New Year’s Celebration, Sarah P Duke Gardens

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2013 Performances

12-31-13 – First Night Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh at 2:00p, 3:30p, and 7:00p

11-09-13 – Journey into Asia, Memorial Hall, UNC Chapel Hill

11-08-13 – Graduation Ceremony of Martial Arts School, Raleigh

10-29-13 – NAFSA Region VII Conference, Raleigh Convention Center

10-20-13 – Nihonjinkai Picnic, Wilson Park, Chapel Hill – 12pm

10-13-13 – The Triangle Down Syndrome Network’s 2013 Buddy Walk at Brier Creek Community Park, Raleigh

10-05-13 – The 28th International Festival of Raleigh at the Raleigh Convention Center – 8:20 pm

10-06-13 – The 28th International Festival of Raleigh at the Raleigh Convention Center – 5:30 pm

09-28-13 – The Art Council’s 35th Annual International Folk Festival, Fayetteville

09-22-13 – Asian Arts Day in the Asiatic Arboretum at Sarah P. Duke Gardens

09-17-13 – Global Summit at Cree, Inc, Durham, NC

09-01-13 – City of Raleigh’s Summer Concert Series, Pullen Park, Raleigh

08-24-13 – The 18th Bon Dance Festival in Greenville, SC

08-03-13 – Natsu-Matsuri with the Nippon Club of the Triangle

05-18-13 – East Meets West festival at Town Hall Drive in Morrisville

05-05-13 – Nihonjin-kai Picnic at Hank Anderson Community Park, Carrboro

04-28-13 – Gala in the Garden – An Asian Reflection at JC Raulston Arboretum, NCSU

04-07-13 – Cherry Blossom Festival at the Doris Duke Center, Duke Gardens, Durham

04-06-13 – Cherry Blossom Festival at UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro

03-16-13 – Annual charity fundraiser, Asian Night, by the Asian Pacific American Club of East Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill

03-02-13 – International Festival, St. Francis Preschool, Raleigh

02-23-13 – Annual Global Carnival, Stough Elementary School, Raleigh

02-08-13 – Multicultural celebration at EK Powe Elementary School, Durham

02-01-13 – Luna Festival at Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Durham

01-26-13 – Cookeville Breakfast Rotary “International Night 2013” Celebrates Japan (Fundraiser) at Clarion Inn in Cookeville, TN

01-20-13 – Annual Shin-nen-kai with the Nippon Club of the Triangle.

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2012 Performances

12-8-12 – Holiday Express at Pullen Park

12-9-12 – Holiday Express at Pullen Park

11-17-12 – Journey Into Asia:EMBRACE showcase at UNC-Chapel Hill

10-28-12 – Gregg Museum of Art and Design, NCSU

10-21-12 – Music in the Galleries at Ackland Museum at UNC-Chapel Hill

10-14-12 – Step Up for Down Syndrome at Brier Creek Community Park, Raleigh

10-13-12 – “Cultural Connections” with the Durham Symphony, Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC

9-30-12 – International Festival, Raleigh, NC

9-29-12 – International Festival, Raleigh, NC

9-23-12 – The Sunday in the Park Concert Series, Pullen Park with Special Taiko

9-6-12 – Celebrate “A Season of Japan” at the Acland Museum, UNC

8-18-12 – NCSU’s 125th birthday celebration, Packapalooza, Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

07-21-12 – Tang Soo Do World Championship at the Greensboro Coliseum

07-07-12 – Nippon Club Summer Festival at NC Japan Center, Raleigh

06-02-12 – “Co-Op-A-Fair: Celebrating Cooperatives, Community and You”, Durham, NC

04- 21-12 – Annual Asian Festival at Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC

04-14-12 – Azalea Festival, Wilmington, NC

04-06-12 – Fuqua Cultural Talent Show at Duke Business School at 7:30pm

03-25-12 – Cherry Blossom Tea gathering at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC at 11:30am

03-24-12 – UNC Business Global Night at Carrboro Arts Center, Carrboro, NC

03-22-12 – The Carolina Inn, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC at 7 pm

03-18-12 – Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community, Asheville

02-15-12 – Stough Elementary, Raleigh

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2011 Performances

Week-end of December 8,9,10, 2011 – Holiday Express at Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC

11-4-11 – The Forest at Duke, Durham, NC

10-30-11 – Nihonjin-kai at Wilson Park in Carrboro, NC

10-15-11 – Global Days at Providence School, Charlotte, NC

10-08-11 – Dragonboat Race at Lake Wheeler Park, Raleigh

10-01/02-11 – The 26th International Festival, Raleigh

09-24-11 – Fundraiser for children orphaned by the recent Japanese Tsunami at Meredith College, Raleigh.

09-10-11 – “Concert for Peace” – 10th Anniversary of 9/11 at Riverside High School, Durham, NC; hosted by the Sister Cities of Durham, Inc.

08-28-11 – Raleigh City Summer Concert Series at Fletcher Park, Raleigh

08-17-11 – International Day at Masonic Home, Oxford, NC

08-13-11 – 2011 Natsu-Matsuri/Bon Odori (Japanese Summer Festival)at NC Japan Center in Raleigh, NC

08-04-11 – International Nippon Collectors Club in Cary, NC

07-04-11 – July 4th Celebration with Raleigh Parks and Recreation at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC

06-12-11 – ‘Family Fun Sunday’ at Century Center, Carrboro.

05-28-11 – Benefit concert with Umekichi for tsunami relief efforts at Mariott City Center, Raleigh

05-27-11 – Animazement, RCC Center, Raleigh, from 7 – 9 pm

05-14-11 – “Spring Fling” at Spring Valley Elementary School, Durham, NC

05-08-11 – Ganbare! Nippon & Triangle fund Raiser, Page Auditorium, Duke University, NC

05-07-11 – School Fundraising Spring Carnival Concert, River Bend Elementary School, Raleigh

05-06 -11 – Triangle Taiko with the East Millbrook Middle School taiko ensemble will perform at West Pine Middle School, Pinehurst

04-29-11 – High Point Festival of Cultures, High Point, NC

04-15-11 – Cultural Candle Light Vigil from 5 pm to 9 pm at NCSU ‘s Court of Carolina

04-12-11 – Benefit Concert, “Jammin’ for Japan” at E K Powe Elementary School, Durham

04-05-11 – International Festival at Middle Creek High School

03-18-11 – Duke University’s “Vigil for Japan”

02-20-11 – UNC Japan Club’s “Matsuri” event in the Student Union, Chapel Hill, NC

01-29-11 City of Raleigh’s NHL All-Star Wide Open Celebration, Raleigh, NC

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2010 Performances

11-16-10 International Education Week, Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University

11-15-10 The 2010 North Carolina Recreation and Park Association annual conference in Raleigh

10-01/02/03-2010 – International Festival of Raleigh

09-26-10 Fund raiser in Page Auditorium at Duke University

09-05-2010 Fund raiser at Fletcher Theater at Progress Energy Center.

08-15-2010 City of Raleigh Celebration at Fletcher Park

07-10-2010 Nippon Club Tanabata/Obon Festival at NC Japan Center, Raleigh

07-04-2010 City’s 4th of July Celebration, State Fair Ground, Raleigh

06-11-2010 South Eastern States Korean Conference, Raleigh

05-29-2010 Animazement at Convention Center, Raleigh

05-28-2010 Wiley International Language Magnet Elementary School, 3-5, Raleigh

04-18-2010 Historic Marker Unveiling for the Society Hill Depot, Society Hill, SC

04-11-2010 Japan Festival at Wake Forest University, Winston Salem

03-19-2010 Wiley International Studies Magnet Elementary School, grades K-2, Raleigh

02-22-2010 Cultural day at Smith International Academy, Charlotte

01-27-2010 Concert at OLL School, Raleigh

01-14-2010 International Festival at Johnson Street Global Studies, High Point

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2009 Performances

12-10-2009, 12-11-2009, 12-12-2009 ‘Holiday Express’ at Pullen Park

11-17-2009 International Education Week at Boldwin Theater, Duke University, Durham

10-24-2009 Demonstrations ‘Asian Arts’, Wake Forest University

10-11-2009 Buddy Walk, Raleigh

10-02-2009, 10-03-2009, 10-04-2009 International Festival, Raleigh

09-27-2009 International Festival, Fayetteville

09-26-2009 NC Foreign Language Conference at Sheraton, downtown Raleigh

09-26-2009 NAAAP-NC 10th Anniversary Gala, Raleigh Convention Center

09-12-2009 ‘iTrishna 2009′ at Stuart Student Center, NC State University, Raleigh

08-16-2009 Jimmy V. Celebrity Golf Classic, fundraising for Cancer, Raleigh

07-04-2009 City of Raleigh ’4th of July Celebration’

06-29-2009 Taiko performance and workshop for TIP program at Duke University

06-06-2009 Cultural Convention at Cameron Village Public Library

06-04-2009 International Day at Wiley Elementary School, Raleigh

05-31-2009 Performance at Nihonjinkai Picnic

05-30-2009, 05-31-2009 Workshop with Ringtaro

05-24-2009 Animazement at Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh

05-22-2009 Concert for Hanover County schools at Minnie Evans Art Theatre, Wilmington

05-01-2009 Performance at West Pine Middle School, Pine Hurst

04-30-2009 Diversity Day at US Department of Agriculture

04-30-2009 International Day at Phillips Middle School, Chapel Hill

04-18-2009 International Music Festival, UNC-CH

03-27-2009 Taiko Performance and Workshop at Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary School, Brown Summit, NC

03-21-2009 Taiko for Tots at the Duke Gardens

04-04-2009 Taiko for Tots at the Duke Gardens

03-21-2009 Taiko Performance and Workshop at East Cary Middle School, Cary

01-24-2009 Chinese New Year Festival at Exposition Center, Raleigh

01-11-2009 Nippon Club Annual New Year’s Reception at Duke Gardens, Durham

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2008 Performances

12-13-2008, 12-14-2008 Raleigh City Annual Holiday Express at Pullen Park 5pm-6pm, Raleigh

11-20-2008 International Education Week, Duke University, Durham

10-28-2008 Concert at FedEx Global Education Center

10-25-2008 Special Taiko performance at “Buddy Walk”, Down’s Syndrome Association

10-12-2008 Special Taiko performance at “Buddy Walk”, Down’s Syndrome Association

10-09-2008 Taiko Workshop with Takumi Kato (Grand Prize winner at the 7th Tokyo International Taiko Contest)

09-28-2008 International Festival, Fayetteville, NC

09-26-2008 Special Taiko & Triangle Taiko at Cancer Awareness, Scotland County, NC

09-13-2008 Taiko Workshop for Japan Club at Wake Forest University

09-05-2008, 09-06-2008 23rd International Festival, Raleigh

08-15-2008 Cultural Night at Freshman Orientation, UNC-CH

08-13-2008 Taiko Workshop for teachers at UNC Wilmington

07-22-2008 Cultural Day at Kinko’s, Charlotte

07-12-2008 Nippon Club 3rd Annual Summer Festival at NC Japan Center, Raleigh

07-04-2008 ‘4th of July Celebration’ at NC State Fair Grounds

06-05-2008 International Festival at Wiley Elementary School, Raleigh

06-04-2008 Workshop at Durham Friends School

05-24-2008 Animazement, Durham

05-22-2008 Taiko Concert at NIEHS, RTP

05-15-2008 Workshop for Ravenscroft 4th Graders at Camp Kanata

05-13-2008 Lion’s Club Annual Convention, Durham

04-29-2008 International Night at Southwest Elementary, Durham

04-19-2008, 04-20-2008 Workshop at Duke Gardens

04-16-2008 International Culture Night at Wakefield High School, Raleigh

04-12-2008 Festival of Cultures at Azalea Festival, Wilmington

04-05-2008 Spring Festival at St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Scotland County

04-04-2008 Spring International at Duke

03-29-2008 Workshop at NCTAN Seminar, UNC Wilmington

03-15-2008 Concert at Virginia Tech, VA

03-06-2008 Workshop at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School

02-26-2008 Workshop at NC Japan Center for Tarboro HS

02-16-2008 Marbles Kids Museum, Raleigh

01-22-2008 Fugaku Taiko at Stewart Theatre, NC State University, Raleigh

01-21-2008 Special Taiko Performance, Fletcher Opera Hall, Raleigh

01-19-2008 Fugaku Taiko at John Friederick ETC Hall, NC School of Science and Math

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2007 Performances

11-15-2007 Concert at the Global Education Center at UNC, Chapel Hill

11-11-2007 Concert at the NC Museum of History, Raleigh

11-02-2007, 11-03-2007, 11-04-2007 International Festival of Raleigh: Reception (11/2) and Main Stage (11/3 and 11/4)

10-31-2007 Diversity Awareness at IBM-RTP

10-27-2007 Budo-Karate Festival, Raleigh

10-19-2007 Briarcliff Elementary School, Cary

10-10-2007 ‘Japanese Pavillion Dedication’ at Duke Garden, Durham, NC

09-30-2007 Fayetteville International Festival, Fayetteville, NC

09-28-2007 Performance at Cameron Village, Raleigh

09-16-2007 Asian American Health Fair, Raleigh

08-06-2007 Taiko Workshop at Open Sky Aiki-do, Hillsborough, NC

07-14-2007 ‘Bon Odori Summer Festival’ for Nippon Club

07-04-2007 ‘July 4th Celebration’ at NC State Fairgrounds

06-30-2007 50th Anniversary, Goldsboro, NC

06-27-2007 Taiko workshop for NC teachers at NC School of Science and Math, Durham NC

06-23-2007 International Culture Day, Holly Springs, NC

06-02-2007 Concert for ‘Art in Bloom’, Asheville, NC

05-17-2007 The Reception of ‘Arts of Clay – Toshiko Takaezu’, Greensboro, NC

05-10-2007 Taiko Workshop at Camp Kanata of Ravenscroft, Raleigh

05-05-2007 Rotary Club Japan Conference, Wrightsville Beach, NC

04-19-2007 Tammy Lynn Fundraising at ECS, Raleigh

04-18-2007 Special Olympics Marching, Ravenscroft HS, Raleigh

04-15-2007 Azalea Festival, Wilmington, NC

04-14-2007 The 17th Nippon Club Picnic

04-13-2007 Taiko Workshop at Durham Academy International Day, Durham

04-08-2007 C-D Nihonjin-kai picnic at Wilson Park, Carrboro

03-26-2007 Japan Festival at White Knoll Elementary School, West Columbia, SC

03-10-2007 Concert at Monticello-Brown Summit Elementary School, Guilford County

02-27-2007 Workshop for Tarboro High School

02-16-2007 Asian Night at Duke University

01-31-2007 Concert for K-1 at Club Blvd Humanities Magnet School, Durham

01-30-2007 Taiko Workshop for Kindergarteners at Club Blvd Humanities Magnet School, Durham

01-09-2007 K-5 Taiko Workshop at Lindley Elementary School, Greensboro

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2006 Performances

11-30-2006 Opening Ceremony at ‘North Carolina-Japan Trade and Investment’

11-17-2006 ‘International Education Week’ at NC State University

11-14-2006 Baldwin Theatre at Duke University, Durham

11-05-2006 Raleigh International Festival at Dorton Arena 11am-6pm (performance at 4pm)

11-04-2006 Raleigh International Festival at Dorton Arena 10am-10pm (performances at 4:50pm and 8pm)

10-29-2006 Asian Festival at McKimmon Center

10-29-2006 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

09-24-2006 Collaborate with Kaede-kai at ‘Fayatteville International Festival’, Fayetteville

09-19-2006 Taiko Workshop for the ‘A World Community Day’ at ECU, Greenville

09-16-2006 ‘World Music’ at Exploris Children’s Museum, Raleigh

09-15-2006 Taiko Workshop at Carrboro Arts Center

07-25-2006 Durham Bulls for USA Baseball National Team vs. Japan Collegiate All-Stars

07-15-2006 Student Taiko in the Tanabata Obon Festival

07-15-2006 Nippon Club ‘Tanabata and Obon Festival’

05-18-2006 Taiko Workshop for Japan Club at Enloe High School, Raleigh

05-14-2006 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic, Chapel Hill

05-12-2006 International Festival at Adams Elementary School, Cary

05-03-2006 IBM Diversity Awareness, Research Triangle Park

04-29-2006 Triangle Taiko Recital at Nippon Club Picnic, Raleigh

04-22-2006 Black Belt World Festival at Dorton Arena, Raleigh

04-21-2006 The Friendship Cafe at North Raleigh Church of the Nazarene

04-08-2006 Taiko Workshop for Middle and High School teachers at NC Japan Center

04-06-2006 Fund raising concert for Tammy Lynn at RCS, Raleigh

04-01-2006 Youth Arts Festival of East Carolina University, Greenville

03-25-2006 Asian Night of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

03-24-2006 The MAME Awards at Expo Center, NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh

03-03-2006 National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park

02-23-2006 Club Boulevard Elementary School, Durham

02-16-2006 Very Special Arts 2006 of Brunswick County at Ft. Caswell Baptist Assembly on Oak Island, NC

02-11-2006 Special Taiko Workshop (3) Completion
Sessions on 1/7, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/10, and 2/11

01-26-2006 ‘International Dinner’ East Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill

01-21-2006 “New Year’s Celebrations” at Kaede-kai, Fayetteville

01-01-2006 “New Year’s Celebration” at Universalist Unitarian Church, Raleigh

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2005 Performances

12-17-2005 Recital for Special Taiko Workshop (2) at Jaycee Community Center, Raleigh
Practice sessions on 12/3, 12/10, and 12/14

12-09-2005 Outreach Program at Williston, Wilmington

12-01-2005 NC-Japan Business Conference

11-19-2005 NC Teaching Asia Network at the Auditorium of Hanes Art Center, UNC-CH

11-12-2005 Fundraising for Duke Japanese Pavilion, CH

11-11-2005 Hands-on Workshop for home school students, CH

11-04-2005, 11-05-2005, 11-06-2005 International Festival of Raleigh

10-20-2005 Sister City of Durham Annual Meeting, Durham

10-18-2005 Introduction of Japan Culture at SNBL CPC, Inc. at University of Maryland, Baltimore Bio Park

10-15-2005 North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh

10-08-2005 15th Nippon Club Picnic at Japan Center

10-07-2005 Outreach Program at Duke Theatre

09-12-2005 Cheering Hurricane Katrina Victims at the Raleigh Shelter, Raleigh

09-03-2005 Recital for Special Taiko Workshop (1)
Practice sessions on 8/20, 8/27

07-30-2005 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville

07-09-2005 World Music and Dance at Exploris Children’s Museum

06-03-2005 2005 Special Olympics NC Summer Games (Opening Ceremonies) at Dorton Arena, Raleigh

05-27-2005 Animazement

05-26-2005 Celebration of Asian American Heritage at EPA, RTP

05-01-2005 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Pcinic at Wilson Park, Chapel Hill (The Fifth Recital for Saturday I & Sunday II)

04-28-2005 Diversity Awareness at IBM, RTP

04-16-2005 International Festival of Greenville

04-10-2005 “Spring Festival” of Wake Forest Universty Japan Club, Winston-Salem

04-08-2005 “The Victory Dance-night” Special Olympics 10th Annual Multi-State Swim Meet, Jaycee Community Center, Raleigh

04-02-2005 International Festival at Oak Grove Elemntary School, Raleigh

02-25-2005 Outreach Program at Baldwin Auditorium (Duke University) and Durham School of Arts

02-05-2005 NC State University Asia Night at BTI Center

02-04-2005 Duke University Fuqua School of Business Asia Night at Fox Center

02-03-2005 Outreach Program at North Raleigh Christian Academy

01-27-2005 ‘Japanese Festival’ at Club Boulevard Elementary School, Durham

01-15-2005 NC Inaugural Parade, downtown Raleigh

01-09-2005 4th Recital, open to the public, at A.B. Combs Elementary School
Guest: Okinawa-daiko (led by Kay Ostrowski) and Kodomo-daiko

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2004 Performances

12-31-2004 ‘First Night Raleigh (Acorn Drop)’, Downtown Raleigh

12-20-2004 ‘Japan Day’ at A.B. Combs Elementary School, Raleigh

11-12-2004 Outreach Program for UNC Wilmington at Minnie Evans Art Center

11-6-2004 & 11-7-2004 International Festival of Raleigh

9-30-2004 Religion and the Arts of Asia at Meredith College

9-25-2004 Amazement Square’s Cultural Festival – Lynchburg, VA

9-18-2004 World Music Festival THEA in Orange County (THEA – The Home Education Association)

9-12-2004 Friendship Force Annual Banquet, Raleigh

8-29-2004 The 3rd Recital (May-August)

8-27-2004 A Festive Fundraising Evening at the Doris Duke Center

8-26-2004 Sayonara Ceremony at Exploris Middle School

8-21-2004 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville

7-30-2004 2004 Special Olympics North Carolina Leadership Conference, Raleigh Marriott

6-26-2004 Nippon Club Picnic at the North Carolina Japan Center

6-3-2004 International Night at Estes Hills Elementary School-Chapel Hill

5-29-2004 Animazement at Sheraton Imperial Hotel-RTP

5-26-2004 May Asian Commemorative at the Federal Bureau of Prisons complex in Butner NC

5-21-2004 (F) IBM Diversity Awareness at Raleigh

5-20-2004 Wiley Elementary School International Night

4-25-2004 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

4-23-2004 Millbrook Elementary School of Raleigh

4-18-2004 Concert of Raleigh Civic Symphony and Chamber Orchestra at NC State University Stewart Theater

4-17-2004 International Festival of Greenville at Town Common

3-30-2004 Special Olympics Wake County coachesf wedding shower

3-30-2004 Belvoir Elementary School of Greenville 500 K-5 students collaborate with Koto and Shakuhachi players and singer

3-25-2004 Japanese culture Night at NCSU Womenfs Center with gcha-no-yuh

1-24-2004 North Carolina Teaching Asia Network Program at HS in Greenville

1-17-2004 The Second Recital (September-December) at Aiki kai dojo

1-4-2004 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh

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2003 Performances

11-29-2003 Thanksgiving Cerebration at Exploris

11-15-2003 Blair Creek Shopping Center Grand Opening Ceremony

11-08/09-2003 International Festival of Raleigh

10-26-2003 Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic at the Wilson Park in Chapel Hill

10-18-2003 New Odaiko Party at Iwashima Odaiko Donated by Tsutomu Maruyama

10-18-2003 The Durham Farmers Market

10-09-2003 The principal of the year of Wake County at Exploris

10-3-2003 Olde Raleigh October Fest of Raleigh at the Olde Raleigh Pool

08-31-2003 Kaede-kai Bon Odori, Fayetteville Nihonjin Kai

08-30-2003 The first Recital (May-August Session) at Raleigh Dance Studio

08-23/24-2003 First Timothy Lutheran Church Anniversary Celebration – Indianapolis, IN

08-16-2003 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh International Dinner

07-19-2003 World Dance and Rhythm at Exploris

07-11-2003 Exploris Children’s camp

07-06-2003 the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Raleigh with Yuri Yamamoto (song)

05-24-2003 Animazement at Imperial Center Hotel at Page Rd.

05-21/22-2003 IBM Diversity Awareness Three IBM sights (two RTP, one North Raleigh)

05-10-2003 Nippon Club 14th Annual Picnic at Apex Community Park

04-29-2003 Chapel Hill Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic

04-09-2003 International Day at Durham Technical Community College

04-03-2003 Graham Memorial Hall at UNC Chapel Hill

02-25-2003 KODO demonstration at UNC Chapel Hill (UNC World Music Class Taiko Presentation: Eiichi Saitoh, Masami, Chie Otsuka)

02-25 & 26-2003 host KODO Workshop with Eiichi Saito and Masami (KODO) at Duke Uni,

02-24-2003 Japan and the Two Koreas, NCSU at Mckimmon Center Perform for an Opening of “An evening of Martial Arts Demonstrations” Guest: Eiichi Saito, Masami (KODO)

02-21-2003 Smith Academy of International School Charlotte, NC

02-01-2003 Performance Asia night Asian Student Association at NCSU Student Center

01-10-2003 Performance at Nihonjinkai Kaede-kai, Fayettville, NC

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2002 Performances

12-12-2002 Performance at Fred A. Olds Elementary school in Raleigh with Chie Otsuka
——– On behalf of Fred A. Olds Elementary, I would like to once again express our thanks. Your group provided a great lesson in Japanese Arts that we would not be able to replicate. Your drums were beautiful and the performance was thrilling. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with usLacrecia Maultsby – Fred A. Olds Elementary Music Teacher/University Connections Magnet Team.——

11-08 & 9 & 10 – 2002 International Festival of Raleigh

10-20-2002 The second performance at Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinnkai at Wilson Park in Carborro

10-12-2002 The first performance at the Nippon Club Picnic at Apex Community Park in Wake County.