Sharing the Spirit of
Taiko with the world

Triangle Taiko is a club under The Nippon Club of the Triangle. Triangle Taiko became a part of the NPO group, The Nippon Club of the Triangle, since May 2002. Since our founding in January 2002, we have enjoyed playing and performing Taiko, and we are an all-volunteer group dedicated to the exploration and performance of Taiko, Japanese traditional drum music.

Our primary purpose is to share our enjoyment of Taiko through playing together. We celebrate diversity and diverse members, and welcome anyone who wish to do so as well. Our motto is “sharing the spirit of Taiko with the world”. If you’re interested about joining us or requesting us, visit the contact page for more information.

As an all volunteer nonprofit club, our main objectives are:

Enjoy Taiko.

Anyone who is interested in Nippon Taiko and respects group work can join this club and play Taiko. Taiko is a team art, where we learn, practice, and play together.

Promote Cultural Exchange

We hope to promote Japanese-American cultural exchange through sharing the art of Taiko to everyone who comes to our performances and events

Community Service & Performances.

We take initiative to actively participate in community service projects and participate in performances and events for the community.

Since 2002, Triangle Special Taiko (Special Taiko for short), has been an integral part of our mission as well. Special Taiko is a joint program with City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department. They are our sister group in which it allows special Olympians to share the joy of Taiko by playing with us. If you would like to learn more about Triangle Special Taiko, Visit this page.