Triangle Taiko

Club Description
  1. We are a club under The Nippon Club of the Triangle

    Triangle Taiko is a part of the NPO group, The Nippon Club of the Triangle, since May 2002.

  2. We enjoy playing and performing Taiko

    Founded in January 2002, we are an all-volunteer group dedicated to the exploration and performance of Taiko, Japanese traditional drum music.

  3. We celebrate diversity and diverse members

    We celebrate diversity, and welcome members who wish to do so as well. Our members come from many walks of life and are of various ages. Our motto is "sharing the spirit of Taiko with the world.“ Triangle Taiko is organized to accept new members three times per year, in January, May, and September, and anyone is invited to participate. Dues are collected every four months. Club members are also encouraged to participate in our public performances.

Club Objectives
  1. Enjoy Taiko

    Anyone who is interested in Nippon Taiko, and who respects the group work can join this club and play Taiko

    Taiko is team art, where we learn, practice, and play together

  2. Enjoy different culture through Taiko

    We hope to promote Japanese-American cultural exchange through Taiko.

  3. Community Service and Community Performances

    We take initiative to actively participate in community service projects and participate in performances for the community.