Triangle Taiko

Club History

01-20-2002 The first forming meeting held.

The first meeting of the organizational/informational meeting for Triangle Taiko was held on Sunday, January 20. The content of the meeting was as follows:

Triangle Taiko will perform for the first time in spring, 2003. *(The first performance was 10-12-2002 at the Nippon Club Annual Meeting and Picnic at Apex Community Center.) Our short-term goals are:
  1. find a location to practice.
  2. raise funds for instruments.
  3. begin practicing basic rhythms and techniques.
01-26-2002 First Practice at the Iwashimafs home

03-03-2002 Workshop with San Jose Taiko
San Jose Taiko performed at NC State University Stage on 3-02-2002.
We learned the five basic rhythms of Matsuri.

03-16-2002 Triangle Taiko Club became an affiliate of the Nippon Club.
Under the new arrangement, Triangle Taiko is an autonomous subgroup within Nippon Club of the Triangle.

04-XX-2002 Our first Taiko arrived.
Rocky Iwashima donated one nagado taiko and one slant stand to match with it. It has surprisingly a big sound and reached entire house.

08-XX-2002 Our second Taiko arrived
Mic and Hiro Iwashima donated.

08-30-2002 Our first Recital (May-August session) at Raleigh Dance Studio

11-09-2002 Meeting about the future direction

12-XX-2002 Our third taiko arrived
Donated by IBM Corporation

01-XX-2003 the First Shime-daiko arrived

Hosted KODO Workshops with Eiichi Saito and Masami Miyazaki at Duke University, Durham, NC

10-XX-2003 Fourth taiko arrived
Donated by Mr. Maruyama, Sr. Vice President of IBM Japan

01-17-2004 Our second Recital@(September-December) at Aiki kai dojo

03-XX-2004 Our second Shime-daiko arrived

08-XX-2004 Our fifth and sixth taiko arrived

08-29-2004 Our third Recital (May-August) at Aiki Kai Dojo

11-XX-2004 Our third Shime-daiko arrived
Donated by William Barry

01-09-2005 Our fourth Recital (September-December) at A.B.Combs Elementary School
Guests are Okinawa-daiko and Traingle Kodomo-daiko

05-01-2005 Our Fifth Recital of Saturday & Sunday II (January - April) at Chapel Hill-Durham Nihonjinkai Picnic at Wilson Park, Carboro
08-xx-2005 Fourth Shime-daiko arrived
08-xx-2005 Our first and second Okedo-daiko (Miyamoto make, Tokyo) arrived
08-xx-2005 Seventh Miya-daiko arrived
09-03-2005 Our Sixth Recital with a Special Performance Group composed of Special Olympic athletes, parents, and friends
10-xx-2005 Eighth Miya-daiko arrived
12-xx-2005 Ninth Miya-daiko arrived
03-22-2006 The first taiko workshop with Ringtaro Tateishi
10-14-2006 32-inch Odaiko arrived
03-xx-2007 Our fifth shime-daiko arrived
04-19-2007 Taiko workshop with Katsutaka Kondo from Japan
06-xx-2007 Our fifth and sixth shime-daiko arrived
12-28-2007 Four Okedo taiko (now total of 6) arrived
01-18-2008 Workshop with Fugaku Taiko
Hosted Fugaku Taiko of Japan, with 5 therapists and 5 special players. Fugaku held 10 concerts and 2 workshops in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Atlanta
02-27-2008 Workshop with On Ensemble, Kris, Maz, and Kalvin
10-09-2008 Workshop with Mr. Takumi Kato (2008 Odaiko champion)
12-XX-2008 Four Miyoshi-daiko arrived
04-19-2009 Hosted the reception for San Jose Taiko at Carolina Theatre
Second taiko workshop with Ringtaro Tateishi