The first meeting to discuss starting a taiko group was held on January 20th, 2002. The meeting was about Triangle Taiko having its first official perform in spring, 2003. The short-term goals were to find a location to practice, to raise funds for instruments, and to begin practicing basic rhythms and techniques. The first practice was held at the Iwashima’s home on January 26th, 2002. Shortly after, San Jose Taiko performed at NC State University on March 2nd, and held a workshop for Triangle Taiko on March 3rd. By March 16th, Triangle Taiko became an affiliate club under the Nippon club.

By April of 2002, our first nagado Taiko has arrived, donated by Rocky Iwashima, along with a slant stand to match. The drum was a complete surprise to how powerful it is and how big of a sound it generated compared to using tire drums and trash can drums (Gomi Daiko). Eventually, the second drum arrived by August, a donation from Mic and Hiro Iwashima.

The first recital for the first practice session was held August 30th at the Raleigh Dance Studio, eventually we had our very first public performance at the Nippon Club Annual Meeting and Picnic on October 12th, held at the Apex Community Center. Eventually we had our formal and first performance at the International Festival of Raleigh on November 8th, 9th, and 10th

Ebb and Flow
Leading to Today

Ever since 2002, Triangle Taiko has grown over the decades, with hundreds of people coming to our performances and experiencing the joy of Taiko music. We have grown to have many joyful members who continue to enrich the legacy of Triangle Taiko, providing many performances, averaging over 20 per year, as well as workshops.

Our group is composed from a variety of people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and races. We’ve had many people join our cause to celebrate joy through Taiko, and many of the wonderful Taiko enthusiasts who shared their journey with us left a memorable and valuable impact on us that we carry and honor through our performances and practices. If you would like to see the club’s operational history, please click here.

Photo by Kevin Lord